2018 Medical Mission Report

Ogwashi-Uku Association USA, Inc.

Joint Venture with Nshi Club of Ogwashi-Uku, Lagos Branch

In Partnership with: AWCAA

Ogwashi-Uku Association USA, Inc successfully conducted a medical mission from October 1st to 5th, 2018, 9am to 5pm in Ogwashi-Uku Townhall. It is a great joy to share this medical update with our donors/sponsors, well-wishers and members. It was a memorable event, standing shoulder to shoulder with Nshi Club of Ogwashi-Uku, Lagos branch members, being amongst our fellow Ogwashians at the medical mission location – Townhall, watching our fellow Ogwashians being provided with free medical services and seeing the joys on their faces as they receive medications brought so much happiness to my heart.

The medical team was consisted of 43 medical personnel in total: 13 from USA (5 physicians, 3 nurses, 2 pharmacists, 1 sonographer; 2 dentists); 7 from Lagos (1 dentist, 1 pharmacist and 5 nurses); 1 nurse from Port Harcourt; from Enugu (5 breast cancer specialists); 6 from Isoks Vision Ltd, Asaba (3 ophthalmologist and 3 nurses); 2 youth corps doctors from General Hospital Ogwashi-Uku and 9 nurses from Ogwashi-Uku Dynamic Women Charity Association.

There were members from Nshi Club of Ogwashi-Uku both the home branch and members from the Lagos branch including some members from ODA especially their executives.

It rained on the very first day of the event (October 1st) but that did not deter our people from coming out. They started queuing up outside the Townhall as early as 6.00am and stayed till the end of the day.

Majority of the patients cared for were elderly but they were teenagers and children. The medical mission provided outpatient clinics in different specialties in Ophthalmology and Internal Medicine


A total number of 1,722 beneficiaries from Ogwashi-Uku and neighboring towns were treated and served during this 5-day mission. These beneficiaries are people who cannot afford to be treated in private or government hospitals for medical care and costly surgical operations (if needed).



Number of  patients served  




 Cancer Surgeries
Dental 297 297
Vision 347 347
–    Prescription Glasses 263
Breast Cancer (CBE) 356 356 6 4
OBGYN 80 80
General Consultation 642 642
Registration (adults & Pediatrics) 1,722 1,722


      Numbers of Positive Finding

Breast 10 Thyroid Mass 2
DVT Leg 1 Soft Tissue Mass 2
Fetal Demise 1 Pelvic Mass/Cyst 22
Testicular Mass/Cyst 1


Number of Patients Scanned 90 Testicular 4
Number of Patients Performed 100 OB 5
Breast scanned 38 Leg Extremity 3
Pelvic scanned 36 Thyroid 2
Abdomen 9 Soft Tissue 3


The dental unit performed 238 cleanings, 27 fillings and 9 extractions, 23 oral prophylaxes. There were no positive oral cancer cases recorded.


The eye clinic section carried out visual screening/test done by a team of eye doctors (Optometrists) and Dispensing Opticians of Isoks Vision Ltd Eye Clinic, Asaba, Delta State. This report covers the following: number of patients that participated in the eye test, conditions diagnosed, treatment given/recommended, challenges and recommendations.

  1. Number of patients screened/tested

A total of 347 patients participated in the eye test and were all attended to. This comprises 125 males and 222 females.

Males:              < 20yrs = 12;   (20-39)yrs = 10;             (40-59)yrs = 39;             > 60yrs = 64

Females:          < 20yrs = 08;   (20-39)yrs = 20;             (40-59)yrs = 98;             > 60yrs = 96

Day 1,  (Mon., 1st October)          21 patients; 8 males and 13 females

Day 2,  (Tue., 2nd October)          43 patients; 20 males and 23 females

Day 3,  (Wed., 3rd October)         89 patients; 31 males and 58 females

Day 4,  (Thurs., 4th October)        96 patients; 32 males and 64 females

Day 5,  (Fri., 5th October)                        98 patients; 34 males and 64 females

  1. Diagnosis

The following conditions were diagnosed:

» Cataract: 135 patients

» Corneal scar: 2 patients

» Glaucoma suspect (patients with C/D ratio > 0.5): 22 patients

» refractive error/presbyopia: 263 patients

» Age related macular degeneration (ARMD): 1 patient

» Pterygium: 38 patients

» No light perception (unilateral): 6 patients

NB: some patients have one or more of the eye problems mentioned above.

A total of 135 patients had cataract, out of these,

  • Patients with matured cataract were 60 (37 had matured cataract in both eye, 23 had it in only one eye).


  • Patients with immature cataract were 70 (50 had it in both eye while 20 had it in only one eye with the other eye having no cataract).
  • Patients whose cataracts were not classified as to matured or immature were
  1. Treatment
  • Medications were prescribed for patients with ocular pathology, including some cataract patients, who could benefit from them.


  • All glaucoma suspects were referred to clinic for a more comprehensive examination and follow-up.


  • All 263 patients with refractive errors/presbyopia were prescribed corrective glasses.
  • Patients that had matured cataract were recommended for cataract surgery (60 patients required cataract extraction).
  • One of the 38 patients with pterygia was recommended for an urgent pterygium excision. She had an encroaching pterygium that had crept over the pupillary center.

Breast Cancer and others

There were 356 patients (majority were females and some males) that visited the breast cancer unit and received Breast Exams, 13 abnormalities were discovered. The 13 abnormalities were all breast masses, 1 lower lip mass and 6 were referred to the Federal Medical Center (FMC). They were two teenagers among the 13 abnormalities (16 and 19-year-old females). Out of the 6 referred to FMC 4 are scheduled for breast and lower lip surgeries in December 2018 and January 2019. These 4 scheduled surgeries were successfully done and the patients are doing great.

These were the diagnosis on the four patients that are scheduled for surgeries:

36-year-old female – diagnosed with Fibroadenoma of the breast

16-year-old female – diagnosed with Giant Fibroadenoma of the breast

67-year-old female – diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma of the lip

19-year-old female – diagnosed with left breast Fibroadenoma



A total of 80 women received ultrasound screening


General Consultation

Pharmacy: Patients with very serious illnesses for example diabetes and blood pressure received medications from the pharmacy and were given prescriptions for their ailments. Majority of the patients that were seen during this mission with various complains received an assortment of over the counter medications like vitamins supplements, analgesics (pain killer) based on their respective complaints.

Registration tables and triage desks were set up to take care of the large crowd throughout the medical mission.


Americares Medical Outreach Program – We were so blessed to have received the items listed below from Americares Medical Outreach, most especially the Acetaminophen 500mg caplet considering that majority of patients complained of varieties of pain related problems. This medication was of great help.


Item Description Units Per Case Cases Weight
441101 DERMACEA FLUFF ROLL – 6PLY 3.4″ X 3.6YD (8.6CM X 3    96 1 8
442214 DERMACEA GAUZE SPONGES 12 PLY 4″ X 4″ (10CM X 10CM 1280 1 12
6715 BANDAGE ROLL 4 1/2″ X 4 1/8YD (11.4CMX3.7M)  100 1 11
84579-0177-12 ACETAMINOPHEN 500MG CAPLET 100`S  144 2 59
Total 6 92


This outreach was a huge success. First and foremost, we thank God for His guidance, protection and blessings all through. We extend our profound gratitude to Ogwashi-Uku Development Association (ODA) for making Ogwashi-Uku Townhall available for this mission, great appreciation to our joint partnership with Nshi Club of Nigeria Ogwashi-Uku (Lagos Branch) and Mrs. Ify Nwabukwu and her medical personnel from AWCAA. We thank the Dynamic Women Charity Association Ogwashi-Uku and her wonderful nurses; the Breast Cancer Awareness team from Enugu; Dr. Lawrence Afinotan of General Hospital Ogwashi-Uku for sparing two of their youth corps doctors; the Isoks Vision Ltd Eye Clinic team from Asaba; Prof. Stella Chiemeke (Rector Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku) for making the polytechnic bus available throughout the 5-day event. We extend our sincere thank you to all our helpers, the drivers, the cleaners, the electrician and other indigenes that did their very best to ensure that this 2018 was a great success.

We most importantly owe eternal gratitude to all our donors for their enormous generosity which made this 2018 Medical Mission possible and a great success. May God grant us all the willingness, the commitment and dedication to continue to reach out to our people back home. They need us and we truly need each other to make this world a better place. We hope and pray for a much bigger outreach next time.

My unequivocal thank you to my team: the national vice president Mr. Augustine Nwajei; the national secretary Mrs. Patricia Mbachu, the national treasurer Mr. Nnamdi Ayinor, the former national president Mrs. Josephine Russell-Toks and her husband Mr. Sam Toks for giving up their time to travel home for this medical mission. My brothers, sisters and in-law, I am overwhelming proud and honored to have embarked on this journey with all of you. May God bless each and everyone of you that participated one way or the other to make this outreach a great success.

Ms. Mary Okafor

National President

Ogwashi-Uku Association USA, Inc.

December 4th, 2018

Actual Budget: $35,000.00

Actual Expenses:

List of Medical Team

From USA
From Lagos
Dr. Alexander Imade (Dentist)
Damilola Osunneye (Nurse) Delta Mission Ayodeji Owolabi (Nurse) Delta Mission
Bukola Abubakar (Nurse) Delta Mission Morayo (Nurse) Delta Mission
From Enugu
From Port Harcourt
Ngozi Nwanonye (Nurse)
From Dynamic Women Clinic Ogwashi-Uku
Gina Akaeze (Nurse) Kate Odili (Nurse)
Eunice Akpoyibo (Nurse) Patience Ogwu (Nurse)
Charity Odumegwu (Nurse) Onyeisi Chilokoa (Nurse)
Benedicta Egbumokie (Nurse) Ogechukwu Onwuegbuzie (Nurse)
Jennifer Ezedialu (Matron)
From General Hospital Ogwashi-Uku
Dr. Johnson Obasikene Dr. Godwin Iche