The Ogwashi-Uku Association USA Inc.

This document was Ratified by the General House at the 5th Biennial National Convention held in Atlanta on July 3-5, 2009.

Table of Contents

Preamble. 1




3.1 Promote good membership relations by: 1

3.2 Promote cultural awareness by: 2

3.3 Promotional development interests by: 2




5.1 There shall be Local Chapters. 2



6.2 Duties of the Governing Council 2

6.3 Governing Council Members Voting Rights. 3

6.4 National Officers. 3

6.5 Organizational Hierarchy. 3









1.2 Membership shall constitute of the following: 5

1.3 Process of Registering a Chapter. 5


2.1 Fiscal Year. 5

2.2 Membership Registration. 6

2.3 Dues and fees Schedule. 6



4.1 Criteria for Elections: 6

4.2 Declaration of Winners: 7

4.3 Eligibility of Votes. 7

4.4 Electoral Officers. 7

4.5 The duties of the electoral officers shall be: 7

4.6 Elected Officers. 7

4.7 Duties. 8

4.7.1 President 8

4.7.2 Vice President 8

4.7.3 Secretary. 8

4.7.4 Assistant Secretary. 9

4.7.5 Treasurer. 9

4.7.6 Financial Officer: 9

4.7.7 Public Relations Officer. 9

4.7.8 Social Secretary. 10

4.7.9 Provost 10



6.2 Electoral Committee. 10

6.3 Constitution Committee. 11

6.4 Disciplinary Committee. 11

6.5 Membership Committee. 11

6.6 Social Committee. 11

6.7 Public Relations & Editorial Committee. 11

6.8 Ad Hoc/Task Force Committee. 11


7.1 Types of Meetings: 12

7.2 General Council Quorum for meetings. 12

7.3 Dates, Frequency and Duration. 12

7.4 Agenda for Meetings. 12

7.5 Notice of Executive Meetings. 12

7.6 Minutes -Content -Distribution, and Adoption. 12


8.1 Dues.. 13

8.2 Solicitation of Funds. 13

8.3 Disbursements of Funds. 13


9.1 Income Disclosure. 13

9.2 Expense Disclosure. 13

9.3 Use of Membership List 14

9.4 Chapters and the Constitution. 14

9.5 Independent Auditors. 14

9.6 Transfer of Office. 14

9.7 Respect of Officers and Support for Fellow Members. 14

9.8 Terms of office. 14

9.9 Debts and Liabilities. 14

9.10 Impeachment 14

ARTICLE 10: Code of Conduct of Chapters. 15

ARTICLE 11: Amendments. 15

ARTICLE 12: Organizations of Conventions. 15

ARTICLE 13: Financial Procedures. 16

13.1 Budget: 16

13.2 Expenditure Limits. 16

13.3 Contracts and Financial Operations. 16

ARTICLE 14: Definitions and Explanations of Terms. 16


We, the members of Ogwashi-Uku Association USA Inc., hereby agree to establish a non-profit, social and philanthropic association. We desire to promote the cultural interest of our community, foster fellowship with one another, guided by a sense of justice and honesty, individually committed to excellence, performance, motivated by virtues of promoting unity, progress and strengthening our members, which in turn will contribute to our organizational advancement.

We hereby make, enact and confer upon ourselves the following constitution:


1.1 The Association shall be known and addressed as Ogwashi-Uku Association USA Inc.

1.2 The greeting and response at all chapters and convention meetings shall be “EZIAFA NU, EZIAFA KA EGO

1.3 Washington, DC Metropolitan shall remain the National Chapter Secretariat regardless of the residency of the presidency or members of the executive.

1.4 A chapter shall constitute all members that live in a particular geographic area

1.5 All chapters shall answer ‘OGWASHI-UKU ASSOCIATION, USA, INC.’ but shall only be distinguished and identified by the geographic area in which they function.


The Association shall exist to:

2.1 Promote good membership relations and services through programs and projects that foster cohesiveness and solidarity.

2.2 Promote good community relations;

2.3 Promote cultural awareness;

2.4 Promote development interests.


The Association shall:

3.1 Promote good membership relations by:

3.1.1 Building the Ogwashi-Uku membership, recognizing, registering, and providing financial and other support to the community both here and at home.

3.1.2 Holding meetings and conferences to promote exchange among Ogwashi-Uku members on matters of interest (e.g. cultural, etc.).

3.1.3 Promoting mutually beneficial relationships between the Ogwashi-Uku community and the Anioma community; other fellow Nigerians; and American – based on projects and activities of mutual interest.

3.1.4 Encouraging every Ogwashi-Uku indigene at home and abroad to register at our website (

3.2 Promote cultural awareness by:

3.2.1 Identifying, initiating, suggesting and participating in progressive programs in the interest of Ogwashi-Uku.

3.2.2 Encouraging Ogwashi-Uku dialect by members at meeting as much as possible.

3.3 Promotional development interests by:

3.3.1 Encouraging every local chapter to initiate chapter development programs in Ogwashi-Uku



4.1.1 The National association shall consist of all duly registered members, who are financially in good standing with both their respective local chapters and the National Association.

4.1.2 Membership in the National Association shall not be denied or abridged to any person on the basis of race, color, religion, age, or disability


5.1 There shall be Local Chapters.


6.1 THE GOVERNING COUNCILThe Governing Council members shall consist of the following:

All Chapter Presidents

Elected Executive members

All Past National Presidents.

6.2 Duties of the Governing Council

The Duties shall include but not limited to:

6.2.1 Be the Policy making body of the organization (the supreme body of the organization)

6.2.2 Serving in AD HOC Committees;

6.2.3 Engaging in fund-raising activities

6.2.4 Promoting Ogwashi-Uku culture

6.3 Governing Council Members Voting Rights

Voting rights for all GC members at any GC meeting shall be as follows:

6.3.1 The National President shall have 1 vote

6.3.2 All National elected Executive members shall have 1 vote

6.3.3 Chapter Presidents shall have 1 vote each

6.3.4 Only immediate two past National Presidents can vote and they have 1 vote each

6.3.5 The third immediate past National President breaks the tie when there is a tie.

6.4 National Officers

The National officers of this Association shall be elected and shall comprise of:

6.4.1 President

6.4.2 Vice President

6.4.3 Secretary

6.4.4 Assistant Secretary

6.4.5 Treasurer

6.4.6 Financial Officer

6.4.7 Public Relations Officer

6.4.8 Social Secretary

6.4.9 Provost

6.5 Organizational Hierarchy

Ogwashi-Uku Association USA, Inc., shall be governed under the hierarchical setup below:

¨ Governing Council (supreme body of the Organization): would be the major policy making of the association and their decision is final;

¨ National Executive Council;

¨ Chapter Committees;

¨ Standing Committees;

¨ Adhoc Committees.


The Ogwashi-Uku Association U.S.A. Inc. shall be financed by the dues and fees from membership and other appropriate contributions.


The National Association shall assemble every two years for National convention at a pre-determined location and time.


Each chapter shall meet at regular intervals as determined by its Rules of Order.


10.1 The Association shall exist as an incorporated body under the laws of the Congress and under subchapter 3 of the laws for the District of Columbia, said corporationhaving the power to carry on its business and activities with the District of Columbia, throughout the United States and its territories, and elsewhere

10.2 For corporate purposes the control and management of this corporation shall be vested in the National Elected Executive Body.


The National Officers expressly disclaim responsibility for actions of chapters or individual members who are in violation of the spirit of the Constitution and Bylaws.


12.1 The constitution shall be amended by a simple majority vote of the voting delegates assembled at the Associations’ National Convention.

12.2 Notice of proposed amendments shall be published to Chapters at least sixty (60) days before the convening of the National Convention.



The aspects of membership are:

1.1 Membership of Ogwashi-Uku Association, USA, Inc. shall be open only to one registered chapter in one metropolitan area as defined by the local city ordinance. There must be a minimum of 10 people in order to constitute a chapter.

1.2 Membership shall constitute of the following: Membership of the Ogwashi-Uku Association is open to all male and female indigenes of Ogwashi-Uku and others who fulfill the following criteria among others.

1.2.1 Individual Membership criteria:

1.2.2 A prospective member must be an indigene of Ogwashi-Uku by heritage. That is, either or both parents must be Ogwashi-Uku indigenes by heritage; or at least one grandparent must be an Ogwashi-Uku indigene by heritage.

1.2.3 A prospective member may qualify to be a member by marriage to an Ogwashi-Uku

indigene (whether or not the indigene is still living or deceased);

1.2.4 The Association may if it so desires, by special dispensation grant ‘indigene’ status to such other persons as are born in Ogwashi-Uku to members of other communities; or are especially deserving of such honor and privilege, to render them eligible for full membership.

1.3 Process of Registering a Chapter

The following documentation should be provided before a chapter is duly registered

1. Names, addresses & contact numbers for all members;

2. Current contact person;

3. Names of elected officials & their respective positions;

4. Chapter’s contact address;

5. A letter from the new chapter notifying the National body of their inaugural date


2.1 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Association shall begin July 1st and end June 30th.

2.1.1 For the fiscal year, each registered chapters’ annual association dues for all its’ registered members shall be due April 30th, payable July 1st – April 30th and not later than April 30th of each fiscal year.

2.1.2 All dues shall be paid directly by chapters to the National Association.

2.1.3 Any payment received after April 30th shall be considered late and would disqualify the paying registered member of any financial benefit or voting right for that fiscal year.

2.2 Membership Registration

2.2.1 Any new member to the Association is required to pay a one-time non-refundable

registration fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) per member;

2.2.2 Any new Local Chapter shall be required to pay a non-refundable one-time chapter registration fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) to National

2.3 Dues and fees Schedule

Annual National Association Dues and Fees

2.3.1 Chapter Convention dues———————- $500.00

2.3.2 Chapter members annual Dues —————- $50.00 (per registered member)

2.3.3 One-Time membership registration Fee.—— $50.00

2.3.4 One-Time Chapter registration Fee————$100.00


Members shall:

3.1 Have the right to vote and be nominated for election to office:

3.2 Be eligible to receive Ogwashi-Uku publications.

3.3 In the event of a member’s death, National shall remit the sum of $5,000.00 (five

thousand dollars) to the family of the deceased member provided the deceased has

been a registered member locally & nationally for at least six months. Every

registered member shall be levied the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) to cover the above cost.

***1. National shall encourage all Ogwashi-Uku indigenes to belong to a local chapter wherever.

  1. Any excess fund generated from the above levy should be recorded separately and maintained in a separate bank account for future use.


4.1 Criteria for Elections:

4.1.1 Held once every two years;

4.1.2 Conducted by secret ballot;

4.1.3 For nomination of a candidate to be valid, the nominee must be in good financial standing, and seconded by a member who is also in good financial standing;

4.1.4 If possible there shall be representation of different chapters in the makeup of an executive office and all registered chapters should be represented by at least one floor member.

4.1.5 For any candidate be elected as an executive officer, that candidate must be a registered, an active member of a local chapter and good character and integrity.

4.1.6 Any member vying for any executive position on a National level shall qualify if that individual has met his/her financial obligation to National.

4.2 Declaration of Winners: A winner shall be declared on the basic of simple majority.

4.3 Eligibility of Votes

4.3.1 Any qualified voter must be a registered member of a local chapter for at least six months prior to the Convention.

4.3.2 Eligible candidate must be a registered member of the association as a chapter member & must be in good financial standing.

4.3.3 Registered members in good financial standing are eligible to vote and be voted for.

4.3.4 To vote or be voted for requires the presence of the nominated candidate. No one shall be voted for in absentia or by proxy.

4.4 Electoral Officers

The Electoral officers shall:

4.4.1 Consist of three members nominated by the President and ratified by the Governing Council at a general meeting 60 days before the day of the election. These three nominees must not be contestants for any executive position.

4.5 The duties of the electoral officers shall be:

4.5.1 Compile the list of eligible voters;

4.5.2 Screen the potential candidates in order to determine their eligibility to hold executive office;

4.5.3 Accept nominations for office;

4.5.4 Ensure that the election is democratic;

4.5.5 Administer the “Oath Of Allegiance” to the elected officers or delegate any person amongst Ogwashi-Uku Association to do so;

4.5.6 Ensure a smooth transition of power from the old to the new executives.

4.6 Elected Officers The elected officers shall comprise of:

4.6.1 President (Proviso: the Vice President is selected by the President and both shall run on the same ticket and not on separate platforms)

4.6.2 Secretary

4.6.2 Assistant Secretary

4.6.3 Treasurer

4.6.5 Financial Officer

4.6.6 Public Relations Officer

4.6.7 Social Secretary

4.6.8 Provost

4.7 Duties

4.7.1 President The President Shall: Call special meetings of Ogwashi-Uku Association; Preside over all meetings Appoint members to committees, subject to approval by the Governing Council; Call fellow officers to order as deemed necessary; Coordinate the activities of fellow officers Act as the spokesperson and chief executive officers for the Association Delegate responsibilities to the Vice President or other officers as necessary and appropriate Retain the authority of PRESIDENT FOR TWO YEARS unless removed from office by 1 (one) impeachment; Initiate along with other executive members, draft agenda and call meetings of the executives into session and be accountable for inadequate agenda or for not convening meetings; Coordinate the executive activities of fellow officers and be accountable for information regarding the performance of fellow officers; Uphold the constitution, bylaws, policies, rules and regulations of the Association at all times, and accountable for policies not implemented or procedures not adhered to; President and Secretary shall be elected from the same region for efficiency and easy Communication (if possible); The President shall be a signatory to all checks; (or the vice President in the event that the President is not available to do so); Appoint a provost protem during conventions and other meetings where the elected national Provost is not present.

4.7.2 Vice President The Vice President shall: Assist the President Act on behalf of and assume the duties of the President when he or she is absent, temporarily unavailable or where there is an issue that has to do with the President. Chair the Membership Committee and Website Committee

4.7.3 Secretary The Secretary sha1l: Maintain custody of the official records of the Association with the exception of the financial books and records; Prepare and distribute notices of meetings to the members involved, as well as perform other duties as instructed by the president Take accurate notes, prepare, distribute the minutes of all previous meetings prior to the start of any business meeting, and shall be accountable for producing such minutes upon request by the Association; File all original copies of legal documents, the constitution, by1aws, reports, newsletters, approved minutes of meetings, membership roster, chapter roster,correspondences, conference proceedings and other publications, and shall be accountable for any missing records.

4.7.4 Assistant Secretary The Assistant Secretary shall: Assist or deputize for the Secretary whenever such a need arises.

4.7.5 Treasurer The Treasurer shall: Maintain custody of Association property and financial books and records; Maintain books and files of receipts, disbursements, bank deposits, bank statements, paid vouchers/invoices, unpaid voucher/invoices, accounts receivable, financial reports or income, expenses, assets, and liability and shall be accountable for any and all these documents; Deposit money received in Association’s bank account within 3 working days; Show courtesy and cooperate with auditors at all times; Be co-signatory to all checks

4.7.6 Financial Officer: The Financial Officer sha1l: Collect chapter membership dues, fees, levies, fines etc received on behalf of the Association and shall keep a clean record of all such transfers Hand over such monies to the Treasurer of the clean record of all such transfers, which have been duly signed by both the Treasurer and the Financial Officer. Report to the Chapters the state of the Association’s bank account(s) and present Actual reconciled bank statements bi-annually. Be co-signatory to all checks in the absence of either the President or the treasurer. Maintain a chart of account(s) to which financial statements of the Association can be keyed. Prepare a detailed yearly financial report, which must include but not limited to all incomes and expenses for that fiscal year. This report must be forwarded via the National Secretariat to all Ogwashi-Uku Association registered chapters within 60days of the end of the fiscal year.

4.7.7 Public Relations Officer The Public Relations Officer shall: Function as the liaison between the Association and the general public, through publicity methods approved by the Governing Council; Be responsible for all press releases and articles and articles approved in a general or emergency meeting; Coordinate membership drives on a continuous basis; Produce the Association’s greeting cards, calendars, T-Shirts, and stationary (e.g. Letter heads, envelopes, etc.)

4.7.8 Social Secretary The Social Secretary shall: Initiate and coordinate all social activities: convention, seminars and symposiums; Coordinate all national social activities with local seminars and symposiums; Coordinate all national social activities with local Chapters; Function as the liaison between the Association and the local Chapters

4.7.9 Provost The Provost shall: Be responsible for ensuring discipline during meetings; Shall have power to submit the names of members who are guilty of acts of indiscipline to the President for the imposition of appropriate sanctions.

ARTICLE 5 VACANCIES: In the case that an elected position becomes vacant for any reason the Governing Council shall mandate the President to nominate a candidate within 60 days to fill such vacant position and this nominee is subject to approval by the Governing Council before the said candidate shall assume duties.


6.1.1 Committees shall be used to involve members in planning and implementing projects within the Association. Subject to the approval of the Governing Council,each committee shall serve under the supervision of the President who shall make the appointments and give assignments. All committees shall consist of at least three members and shall not exceed 10 members.

6.1.2 The supervisory authority of the President shall be used to facilitate and coordinate the work of the committees, but shall not be used to control or filter the decisions or recommendations of any of the committees.

The functioning committees shall be:

Electoral Committee

Constitution Committee

Disciplinary Committee

Membership Drive Committee

Social Committee

Public Relations & Editorial Committee

AD Hoc/Task Force Committee

Website Committee (Internet)

6.2 Electoral Committee The Electoral Committee shall:

6.2.1 Consist of three members who are deemed competent,

6.2.2 Responsible, disciplined and professional;

6.2.3 Screen all nominations for office and prepare ballot material for election of officers;

6.2.4 Supervise the balloting procedures and the counting of votes during the election process;

6.2.5 Certify the results of elections and declare the winners based on counts.

6.3 Constitution Committee The Constitution Committee shall:

6.3.1 Comprise of two members from each Chapter or such number as deemed sufficient by the President.

6.3.2 Review the constitution as deemed necessary and disseminate copies to local


6.3.3 Upon completion of the constitution, the committee shall submit the said document for ratification at the next National Convention.

6.4 Disciplinary Committee The disciplinary committee shall:

6.4.1 Be fully responsible for enforcing disciplinary actions against any member who fails to observe “the modus operandi’ or who exhibits recalcitrant behavior(s) toward member(s) of the Association. Members of the Disciplinary committee shal be appointed by the National President and each appointee must be a representation of his/her local registered chapter. Decisions reached by these appointees shall be announced at the GC meeting and communicated to the parties.

6.4.2 If the disciplinary action is against the National President, Governing Council members shall appoint the disciplinary committee members. Decisions reached by these appointees shall be announced at the GC meeting and communicated to the national president.

6.5 Membership Committee The Membership Committee shall:

6.5.1 Solicit and promote strategies that shall increase the Association’s membership.

6.5.2 Coordinate communication with chapter membership secretaries to ensure that all local chapter members are informed about all association procedures, activities and events.

6.6 Social Committee The Social Committee shall:

6.6.1 Initiate and coordinate all social activities under the leadership of the social Secretary.

6.7 Public Relations & Editorial Committee The Public Relations & Editorial Committee shall:

6.7.1 Obtain funding for the Association

6.7.2 Solicit advertisements from companies, corporations, business, and individuals.

6.7.3 Publish a newsletter/produce programs for events

6.8 Ad Hoc/Task Force Committee The President may as the need arises establish the Ad/Hoc Task Force Committee and may be used to develop specific projects and plans for the standing committees. Itshall be dissolved upon completion of its assignment.


7.1 Types of Meetings: The types of meetings shall be as follows:

7.1.1 National Conventions (national general meetings) must be held bi–annually.

7.1.2 Executive Meetings will be held periodically physically or by teleconference or by other feasible method.

7.1.3 National Governing Council Meetings must be conducted quarterly (every three months) either physically or by teleconferences or by other feasible method.

7.1.4 Committee meetings must be conducted at least twice a year physically or by teleconference or by other feasible method.

7.1.5 Emergency meetings will be held on a-need basis.

7.1.6 Only the President may call emergency meeting

7.1.7 Emergency meeting may be called by the Vice President only if the issue and the reason for this emergency meeting is do with the President.

7.2 General Council Quorum for meetings

7.2.1 National Executive meetings shall consist of simply majority.

7.2.2 The President or the Vice President must be present.

7.2.3 Emergency meetings shall consist of at least 3 Executive members, including the President.

7.3 Dates, Frequency and Duration

7.3.1 The National Convention shall be held bi-annually.

7.3.2 The National Executive Council meeting shall be held before every annual conference.

7.3.3 The dates and duration of meetings shall be determined by the chairpersons in consultation with members of that committee.

7.4 Agenda for Meetings The National Secretary in conjunction with the National President shall propose the agenda for that meeting. When a quorum is formed, members in attendance shall adopt the final agenda.

7.5 Notice of Executive Meetings

7.5.1 Governing Council meeting requires two weeks notice for a teleconference meeting

7.5.2 The notices of National Executive meetings shall be prepared and promptly distributed by the secretary to all members prior to any meeting. This notice must contain the date, time, place, and agenda for the meetings. A simple phone call may be used to call emergency meetings.

7.5.3 At least one months’ notice shall be deemed appropriate for any meeting that requires physical appearance of all participants,

7.6 Minutes -Content -Distribution, and Adoption The minutes shall include:

7.6.1 Date, time and place of meeting

7.6.2 Members present

7.6.3 Adopted agenda

7.6.4 Decisions made in the form of consensus, motions made, and their voting results. Each decision should be followed by a brief abstract of the discussion or debate, whenever it is deemed necessary.

7.6.5 The minutes of previous meeting shall be distributed to members prior to the beginning of the next meeting.

7.6.6 The minutes shall be read and adopted as soon as the meeting is called to order after the quorum has been formed.

7.6.7 The adopted minutes shall be filed as a permanent official record of the Association.


8.1 Dues

8.1.1 Chapter Convention dues: shall be $500.00.

8.1.2 Annual dues shall be paid by April 30th of every year.

8.1.3 Chapter royalties from the use of Nationals’ 501c must be paid to National 60 days.

8.2 Solicitation of Funds

8.2.1 Dues, levies and assessments shall be structured to provide adequate funds to finance the activities of the Association. Contributions from member associations and/or non-members may be accepted by the Association to fund special projects

8.2.2 If any local chapter uses Nationals’ 501cstatus for any fundraising event, that chapter must notify National within a reasonable time frame of 60 days and the events’ financial report submitted to National for IRS purposes.

8.3 Disbursements of Funds

8.3.1 Disbursement of funds shall be for budgeted and or approved expense items only, or for expenses authorized by emergency action of the Executive Committee. The disbursing officers shall repay disbursements not meeting these criteria, within 30 days from the date of discovery.

8.3.2 Two signatories comprising of the President and the Treasurer shall be required on all checks issued.

8.3.3 In the absence of either the President or the Treasurer, the Financial Officer shall sign checks.


9.1 Income Disclosure All contributions and income received shall be acknowledged, accurate and adequate detailed records kept by the Financial Officer.

9.2 Expense Disclosure The financial officer shall disclose all expenses paid in detail.

9.3 Use of Membership List Membership lists may only be used for conduct of official Association business and for communication among its members. Use of membership lists by non-members shall be prohibited.

9.4 Chapters and the Constitution This constitution and its bylaws shall be binding on all registered Chapters and members.

9.5 Independent Auditors Independent auditors selected by the Governing Council shall be retained to audit the books of the Association following the submission of the bi-annual Treasurer’s report. The auditor’s report shall be distributed to all registered members.

9.6 Transfer of Office

9.6.1 All financial and administrative documents with pre-prepared handover explanatory notes must be taken to the bi- annual conventions at the time of elections, ready to be handed over to newly elected officers.

9.6.2 Each officer shall, as a duty, transfer all of the Association’s records and property to his/her successor within one day of the installation of the successor. This transition must be a scheduled handover of documents.

9.7 Respect of Officers and Support for Fellow Members Members shall treat each other with respect and be courteous with one an other at all times. Any conduct unbecoming of a member shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for action.

9.8 Terms of office

9.8.1 The term of office shall be 2 years. No officer may hold the same office for more than 2 conservative terms.

9.8.2 Any previously served officer may vie for the same position after 4 years of serving in that particular official capacity.

9.9 Debts and Liabilities Each succeeding executive must honor all debts, liabilities, contracts, etc., which have been entered into by the preceding executives.

9.10 Impeachment The following shall be maintained:

9.10.1 Power of impeachment lies within the Governing Council.

9.10.2 Any Governing Council member who abuses his/her privileges to serve the Association shall be subject to impeachment. For example: fraudulent diversion of Association’s funds, misuse of Association’s documents for personal or other purposes. Such mis-conduct shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee who shall make recommendation(s).

9.10.3 Simple majority of Chapter membership in attendance is required to form an authoritative quorum for impeaching any officer whenever the need arises. The decisions arrived at shall be final and binding.

ARTICLE 10: Code of Conduct of Chapters The following code of ethics shall govern Ogwashi-Uku National Association members:

10.1 A member shall subscribe to, and at all times protect and uphold this Constitution and its bylaws.

10.2 A member shall not engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, mis-representation or illegal conduct involving moral turpitude.

10.3 A member, while acting as an agent for this Association, shall, as a duty, exercise due care, in all of his/her communications and dealings, to separate the Association’s business from personal business.

10.4 A member shall not use his/her official position to obtain a special advantage for himself/herself or for someone else under circumstances where he/she knows, or it is obvious that such action is not in the best interests of Ogwashi-Uku. When there is doubt or an appearance of impropriety of an act, it shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for thorough investigation and make recommendation(s) to the Governing Council.

10.5 All local chapters must send a copy of their respective local chapter constitutions to National

ARTICLE 11: Amendments

11.1 Any chapter may initiate amendment to this constitution and/or its bylaws.

11.2 All amendments shall be made known to all chapters and ratified only after a vote passed by a simple majority at the annual general meeting.

11.3 Future amendments to this constitution shall be printed, adopted, and distributed to all chapter as additions to the pre-existing constitution.

ARTICLE 12: Organizations of Conventions

12.1 National Conventions shall be held bi-annually.

12.2 Hosting of National Conventions shall be by bidding followed by election.

12.3 The Chapter that wins the bid shall be responsible for the complete planning and organization of the convention in consultation with the National Executive Committee. Any chapter wanting to host the National Convention must be capable of doing so by having at least $2,500,00 (two thousand five hundred dollars) tosecure deposit for convention halls, and other initial required amenities.

12.4 Funds from National Conventions shall be distributed in the ratio of 40% to the hosting chapter and 60% in favor of the national body of Ogwashi-Uku, USA Inc.

12.5 At the Convention and before the elections commences, the number of new registered members at the Convention must be announced and reconciled with the numbers of pre-existing membership numbers. The numbers of all eligible voters present at the Convention must also be tallied and announced before the election commences.

12.6 The planning Committee of National Conventions must schedule a day for the hand over, reconciliation of all organizational administrative, financial documents and exchange of information.

12.7 All reports pertaining to the Convention must be completed by the hosting Chapter and submitted within 60 days to National.

12.8 National shall disseminate the completed convention report to all local registered chapters within 3days of receiving the said report.

ARTICLE 13: Financial Procedures Financial procedures should be as follows:

13.1 Budget: At the first meeting of the National Governing Council, the President should present an operating budget, which should include information about administrative expenses, recurring expenditure, capital expenditure, source of funding, etc for the Council’s consideration and approval. This budget will form the basis of financial operation for the current executive and any amendments would have to be approved by the National Governing Council.

13.2 Expenditure Limits Any expenditure in excess of $1,000.00 (one thousand dollars) must have prior approval by the National Governing Council.

13.3 Contracts and Financial Operations All contracts and financial operations must be executed according to regulations stipulated by the United States Federal guidelines for Non-Profit Associations and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

ARTICLE 14: Definitions and Explanations of Terms For the purposes of this constitution or its bylaws, the following definitions and interpretations shall apply:

Authority: Those provisions, which vest the power of final decision.

Duties: The provisions, which delineate the required activities of an officer or association unit.

Accountability: Those provisions that identify the items required of the officer to provide as proof that duties are being performed

Governing Council: The Supreme body consisting of the National Executives Committees,Chapter Presidents, Past Presidents, Committee Chairpersons.

Chapter: Local Ogwashi-Uku registered with the umbrella National Ogwashi-Uku Association. Chapters/Members are inter-changeable for this constitution.

Misc: Local Chapters must obtain approval from National prior to using of National’s 501c status.

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